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All our dogs are stunning in their own ways.
We strive to breed Golden Retrievers as pets of sound temperament from health tested lines . 

Lady 2021.jpg

Truegold's Lady

"Pretty" is an understatement! Lady is confident, attentive and very intuitive. She is always willing to enjoy time with us. From the quiet moments of laying down at our feet to the adventurous times of swimming or hiking. With intuitive disposition, smooth coat and loving personality, Lady makes the perfect companion.


Truegold 's    Storm

Storm loves spending time with her humans. Whether be enjoying the great outdoors or just relaxing by the fireplace. She has a special way to connect with us by gazing deep into our eyes. She knows that melting our hearts gets her lots of treats.


Sydney of Vedder Plains 

With a beautiful dark coat and lovable personality, Sydney makes instant friends with anyone. She is a highly intelligent and fast learner who is always paying attention and trying her hardest to learn what we teach her. Sydney is as loyal and loving as they come. She was named after the red dirt of the Australian "outback" from our family vacation.


Truegold's   Kaya

True to her name, Kaya has no fear for adventure. She is confident and calm. Kaya absolutely loves water and doesn't need to be asked twice to play fetch. She has, as all our ladies, a beautiful temperament and gorgeous coat.

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